How to apply stability quantity indicator for successful buying and selling


OBV or On Balance Volume indicator is utilized in technical evaluation to measure buying and promoting stress.

Shabbir Kayyumi

OBV or on stability volume indicator is used for technical analysis to degree shopping for and promoting pressure.

The technique, in the beginning, referred to as “non-stop extent” with the aid of Woods and Vignola, changed into later named “on-stability volume (OBV)” with the aid of Joseph Granville, who popularised the approach in his 1963 ebook ‘Granville’s New Key to Stock Market Profits.’

What is an On Balance Volume (OBV)?

The On Balance Volume Indicator is regarded by the industry as one of the maximum popular momentum and main signs and is pleasantly used to come across new trading opportunities.

OBV measures shopping for and selling strain as a cumulative indicator that provides volume on up days and subtracts extent on down-days.

The OBV is usually traded on shares in addition to indices, commodities and the Forex market. It is a simple momentum oscillator, including RSI, while pattern evaluation may be combined with OBV to increase signal robustness.

Construction of OBV Indicator

On Balance Volume (OBV) measures buying and promoting stress as a cumulative indicator that adds volume on up days and subtracts amount on down days. When the security closes higher than its previous close, all the day’s quantity is considered up-volume. When the safety closes lower than its previous near, all the day’s supply is taken into consideration down-extent.

For example, a bad day with 10,00,000 volume is not as great if the following up day has 50,00,000 in quantity. The extent shows customers are very lively in pushing the fee up, and consequently, OBV will pass up over the two-day duration, despite the fact that sooner or later became down and the other up.

Working of OBV Indicator

For buyers, the price of OBV is not critical. Alternatively, it’s for the price of alternate in OBV that is used to help generate trade thoughts. If the OBV is moving notably in one route, it may give credence to the idea that a big circulate will be coming in that path at a price.

– When each charge and OBV are making better peaks and higher troughs, the upward trend is likely to hold.
– When each charge and OBV are making decrease peaks and lower troughs, the downward fashion is probably to preserve.
– During a trading range, if the OBV is growing, the accumulation can be taking place — a caution of an upward breakout.