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Colleen’s Consignment financial disaster forces clients to document claims


Colleen’s Consignment financial disaster forces clients to document claims


Customers who entrusted furniture to Colleen’s Consignment Stores were outraged in the lenders’ meeting at the Foley Federal constructing on Thursday. Twenty human beings in attendance have been told they won’t get their money lower back but have to submit evidence of declaring shape that proves ownership of the furniture.

Colleen Aiken, the owner of Colleen’s Consignment shops, in conjunction with her attorney James Leavitt, spoke back to pissed-off customers. Everyone gift wondered Aiken on why “she took people’s stuff” or “if she was already contemplating filing bankruptcy” when taking in fixtures. 13 Action News turned into additionally in attendance. Still, cameras or cell phones have not been allowed within the meeting.

Colleen's Consignment financial disaster forces clients to document claims 2

Rocky Parks becomes devastated while he finds out in what route the case is moving – he runs a staging enterprise.

Parks stated he did business with Aiken for nearly 25 years.

  • “To pop out to my residence with Colleen’s vehicles and pick out up $18,000 well worth of products, and ten days later report for bankruptcy?” said Parks.
  • He also turned over his fixtures ten days earlier than the corporation closed.
  • “Now, I’m at the mercy of financial disaster? I do not assume it truly is honest,” Parks stated.
  • Leavitt encouraged customers to get their lawyer for the financial ruin intending.
  • During the meeting, Aiken claimed she informed some customers and admitted she might want to have referred to as greater of them.
  • Tim Asher, some other patron, told 13 Action News he in no way was given a cellphone name.
  • “None of the consigners have been notified or referred to as, she stated she tried calling us, I name that b[s], you recognize what,” said Asher.

13 Action News tried talking to Aiken after the meeting, but she walked away and refused to answer any questions. Aiken’s attorney did not give a solution to why fixtures are not being returned to the owners; however, they did speak approximately their plan. “I do empathize with creditors within the estate, but we’re doing what we are doing what we can equitably pay everyone on a prorated foundation,” stated Leavitt.

Colleen’s Consignment shops won’t be returning items that were now not sold. Furniture will be auctioned with cash than paying some of the consignees. The deadline for the proof of claim form is March 6. According to Leavitt, a website changed into the installation for lenders (customers) to advantage additional records about the case.

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