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Author: Mattie Fowler

Title insurance for realty sector fails to pick up despite made mandatory 2
SBI Life Insurance proportion closes better after Carlyle Group buys nine percentage stake from BNP Paribas Cardif 4
Insurance mitigates chance 6
YV Reddy proposes agri-risk fund as opportunity with Kerala’s Debt Relief Commission as version 8
Govt offers pension for employees of public zone insurance groups 10
Debt comfort fee, VVPATs, codification of collective responsibility of Cabinet in Common Minimum Programme efforts 12
Freedom Debt Relief Hits Record $10 Billion in Debt Negotiated for Consumers 13
She fell for a commonplace student loan forgiveness rip-off. You don't have to. 15
Karnataka Debt Relief Bill a boon to farmers 17
Debt Cancellation for Somalia 19