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The politics of ways the media file tax


The politics of ways the media file tax


A viral video brings taxes, inequality, and media silence under the highlight. Plus, the Chamorro family in Nicaragua. This week’s The Listening Post: Taxes, inequality and media silence – a viral video brings all of these troubles underneath the highlight. Plus, take a look at energy, politics, and the Chamorro own family in Nicaragua.

The politics of ways the media file tax 2

How Rutger Bregman placed tax reform lower back on the information timetable
Tax rates are tales that TV producers might probably instead depart from printing journalists or authors.

It’s now not visual; it is complicated; it is no longer a sexy subject matter in quick.

Until, a Dutch academic, Rutger Bregman, spoke at the current World Economic Forum in Davos and made news via telling a room complete of billionaires: “Want to restore the global economic system? Then dig deeper. Pay up. Tax the wealthy.” Fox News’s Tucker Carlson invited Bregman onto his program; however, he probably didn’t count on him to head after him, the channel he works for, and the media is widespread, for its complicity in rarely masking tax reform. The interview did no longer visit air; however, the total trade, recorded on a telephone camera, has for the reason that long past viral. The Listening Post appears at how one interview turned into no means even broadcast put tax reform back at the news timetable.

  • Will Fitzgibbon – International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
  • Naomi Fowler – Tax Justice Network
  • Matthew Guardino – Author of Framing Inequality
  • Andrew Wilson – Broadcast journalist

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Richard Gilbert speaks to manufacturer Tariq Nafi approximately the Univision team kicked out of Venezuela after a confrontational interview with President Nicolas Maduro and the Israeli information anchor who found out the difficult manner what can, or can’t, be stated about Israeli squaddies.

Family ties: The tale of the Chamorro dynasty

Last month, considered one of Nicaragua’s most outspoken newshounds, Carlos Fernando Chamorro, fled u . S. A. Saying he confronted “excessive threats” from the government. When civil unrest erupted the remaining 12 months towards the authorities of President Daniel Ortega, Chamorro’s information outlets said on those demonstrations and the bloody crackdown that followed.

Chamorro comes from their own influential family. The Chamorros own media retailers, his mom is a former president, and his overdue father paid for his journalism together with his existence. With one foot in journalism and the alternative in politics, the Chamorros do not simply speak reality to power; they have held strong. Marcela Pizarro reports on a circle of relatives that lives and works on the intersection of journalism and politics in Nicaragua.

  • Carlos Fernando Chamorro – Investigative journalist
  • Arturo Wallace-Salinas – Author of The Media in Nicaragua
  • Patricia Orozco – Journalist, Onda Local
  • Moises Absalon – Presenter, Detalles del Momento
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