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SEBI restrains North End Foods Marketing, RK Commodities, 24 others from buying and selling in securities


SEBI restrains North End Foods Marketing, RK Commodities, 24 others from buying and selling in securities


SEBI has found that NEFM, with the assist of other entities, received an influential beneficiary position in Mentha Oil Contracts via the wrong approach. Market regulator SEBI has surpassed an ad-meantime order restraining North End Foods Marketing (NEFM), an entirely owned subsidiary of Sohan Lal Commodity Management (SLCM), Sandeep Sabharwal, Group CEO, RK Commodities, and 23 others from buying and selling in securities, either directly or indirectly till also note.

SEBI restrains North End Foods Marketing, RK Commodities, 24 others from buying and selling in securities 2

The order comes into force with the spot impact from March 1, 2019.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has located that prima facie NEFM, along with side trading member RK Commodities Services, its promoter Rajendra Kumar Gupta, administrators, and several proxy entities identified with NEFM Group, devised a plan via which NEFM has obtained the last useful possession of massive percent of the exact alternate inventory of Mentha Oil. SEBI states in the order that such plan, artifice, or layout is fraudulent.

The market regulator has found NEFM Group in violation of SEBI’s Prevention of Fraud and Unfair Trade Practice Regulations and the SEBI Act. Further, the broking RK Commodities has been located in violation of the code of behavior for brokers under SEBI’s Stock Brokers Regulations. SEBI says that RK Commodities has actively aided and abetted the scheme and artifice utilized using NEFM Group.

Urgent preventive action has been necessitated as NEFM Group has taken an influential beneficiary role in Mentha Oil Contracts via unfair way, SEBI is quoted as announcing within the order. EFM Group has additionally interfered with the ordinary operation of forces of call for and supply inside the market that’s detrimental to market integrity, it introduced.

As in keeping with the order, “All entities named in the order should square off their open positions in the securities marketplace, if any, within a day, and RK Commodities has been directed to square off all it is current purchaser positions in commodity derivatives within a length of 15 days”.

According to the SEBI order, NEFM is the common entity from whom all the proxy or linked entities have been receiving price range, obtaining stock from an alternate platform and shifting them to NEFM Group entities via off-marketplace transfers.

The order has observed that buying and selling entities from NEFM Group had prima facie prevented a penalty of Rs 47.14 crore with the aid of no longer disclosing the collective beneficial position.

SLCM became earlier an accredited warehouse provider company for Mentha Oil at MCX. In 2016, based upon a SEBI word, MCX had initiated an inquiry towards SLCM for violating the warehousing norms of SEBI.

Market players say that pre-empting action using SEBI, in the direction of late 2017, SLCM unilaterally terminated its agreement with MCX. Brokers say that SLCM was no longer permitting the withdrawal of stocks from its warehouses. Later, each MCX and SLCM introduced that they’d settled the problem. The SLCM Group has investments from personal equity player Everstone Capital, NEXUS Venture, and ICICI Venture.

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